The GDDPC has developed an environmental education program through outdoor learning for youth in Southeastern New Brunswick.
The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group (PCSDG) program funded by ÉcoAction has several objectives which are achieved through the involvement of students from schools within the Cocagne watershed territory. In Blanche-Bourgeois School in Cocagne, Notre-Dame School, and Grande-Digue School, firstly, we have established tree nurseries with the students.

The goal of the project is to guide teachers, students and parents in ecological gardening project including the safe handing and preparation of food from the garden.

As part of the ecological landscaping program, the Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group (PCSDG) helps to implement community nursery, gardening, composting and water recovery projects with students of École Blanche-Bourgeois.

With the help of the PCSGD, Notre-Dame school is undertaking the ecological landscaping of their schoolyard. Plans and specific approaches are based on the tools elaborated by the PCSDG ecological landscaping program.

By developing an ecological landscaping project of the schoolyard at the Grande-Digue school, we have shown landscaping methods which are suitable for the conversion of grass into a nature area.

With the Young students for sustainability project, the PCSDG is working with teams of students, teachers, and staff from schools in the Cocagne watershed who are taking action to mitigate climate change. The teams have chosen projects according to two themes: waste management and biodiversity conservation.

Establishing a tree nursery with the students of the schools in and around the Cocagne watershed is at the heart of the School Tree Nursery project. With the schools in Cocagne, Notre-Dame, Saint-Anne and Grande-Digue, we support a biodiversity conservation project by planting indigenous trees of the Acadian forest.