We’re committed to protecting nature in the Cocagne river watershed to ensure the viability of its communities. If we take care of the environment, we’re taking care of ourselves.

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We develop activities and partnerships in the Cocagne watershed that are related to sustainable development, namely related with nature, food, culture, economy and social justice.

We organize activities that promote connection between citizens of the Cocagne watershed and nature.

We see to the conservation of natural resources and local heritage of the Pays de Cocagne.

We provide the residents in the region with consultation, liaison officer and monitoring services.

We gather information to establish a holistic development plan for the Cocagne River watershed territory and to share this data with political decision-makers.

We act as an advocate for members in collaboration with the community and other development groups.

We lobby governments to get the required tools to ensure sustainable development.

We manage funds to attain financial self-sufficiency at the GDDPC.

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