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The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group's (PCSDG) mission is to engage citizen participation towards the sustainability of Cocagne watershed communities
“Cocagne’s population wants sustainable and innovative development that respects the needs of diverse generations, the rural and cultural particularities of the community as well as the environment.”
(source: Vision statement from the Cocagne rural planning committee)

Quatre coins Cocagne

“The community of Grande-Digue’s vision is to preserve the residential and rural agricultural aspects of its area with a vocation for coastal life, both of which define the community. It values quality of life for permanent and seasonal residents, protection of the environment and natural territories, orderly community development, as well as the preservation of the historical heritage and Acadian culture as a sustainable objective.”
(source: Vision statement from the Grande-Digue rural planning committee)

If Cocagne has a will, Cocagne finds a way!

This rural community in Southeast New Brunswick’s Acadie celebrated 250 years of history in 2017. Hosts of the World Acadian Congress in 2019, the people and organizations of Cocagne know how to mobilize to maintain a viable community. www.cocagne.ca

Quatre coins Cocagne

The Rural Community of Cocagne adopted the Climate Change Adaptation Plan (French only) at its regular meeting on October 13, 2020.

The citizens of Cocagne enjoy many services and amenities.

  • Blanche-Bourgeois elementary school
  • Saint-Pierre Church
  • Golden age club
  • Pharmacy/clinic
  • Doctor’s office
  • Fire station
  • Post office
  • Arena
  • Wharfs and marinas
  • UNI Financial cooperative
  • Businesses (grocery store, gas station, services, etc.)
  • Lumber mill
  • Farms
  • Fishermen and women

Source : Avoirs et atouts de la communauté de Cocagne : réflexion et recommandations au sujet des avoirs et atouts de la communauté de Cocagne (2011).

Grande-Digue: A Charming Community Surrounded by Water

The village of Grande-Digue, an Acadian community in Southeast New Brunswick, is surrounded by the Bay of Shediac, the Northumberland Strait and the Bay of Cocagne. Grande-Digue enjoys great community involvement with many active organizations. www.grande-digue.com

Grande Digue village

Grande-Digue’s community organizations
  • Wharf Port authority
  • Visitor information centre
  • Knights of Columbus
  • 4-H Club
  • Golden age club
  • Rod and gun club
  • Recreational club of Grande-Digue
  • Cross-country ski club
  • Cultural committee
  • Welcome Committee
  • Local service district of Grande-Digue
  • Grande-Digue school
  • Grande-Digue scholarship fund
  • Rughookers
  • Women’s institute
  • Bicentennial residence
  • Notre Centre community centre
  • Visitation Parish of Grande-Digue
  • Grande-Digue Scouts
  • Agricultural Society
  • Historical Society of Grande-Digue

Designing healthy communities by reducing our ecological footprint

Cocagne Viable

The image of a community rooted in its heritage by focusing on the collective well-being:

  • Eco-efficient houses, located outside flood zones and at a walking (less than 1 km) or biking (less than 5 km) distance from work, school, services, etc.
  • Regional trips by public transport or electric car
  • Energy sources generated locally natural products (biomass, sun, wind)
  • Food from local producers who maintain natural buffer zones along waterways
  • Secure drinking water supply, and wastewater treatment, through a community system

The PCSDG is committed to environmental education work with the citizens of Cocagne and Grande-Digue. Preservation of natural areas such as Cocagne Island, the Cocagne River and the Bay of Cocagne, the Cormierville marsh and the Grande-Digue Dune inspire the Group’s goal of wanting to build capacity among the residents of our watershed to adapt to climate change.


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