We have been conducting a mushroom inventory with photos and specimens to improve our knowledge of the mushroom community in our local watershed.

Here is a link that leads to an iNaturalist page that shows all the pictures of mushrooms in the Pays de Cocagne that are posted there. Note that lichens are included in “Fungi” so there are a lot of lichen photos here too. In total, there are 487 observations of 220 species.

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In order to raise awareness about the diversity and role of fungi in terrestrial ecosystems, in collaboration with the nature club Ami(e)s de la Nature Sud-Est, we have organized two (2) public outings on
September 26 and October 18, 2020 on the Cocagne trail. We had 20 registrations, but with the changes regarding restrictions, we have limited the number of participants to ten (10) per outing to respect the physicaldistance of 2m. For each outing, we took an inventory with the help of Raymonde Chartier, an outstanding mushroom enthusiast in our province.

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You will find the lists of mushrooms found in the report here (in French).

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund.

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