We are extremely worried about the decline in pollinators worldwide, including butterflies. We’re observing harmful practices that are destroying pollinator habitats in our community. Our goal is to stop the practice of mowing lawns in wetlands, to stop butterfly and general pollinator decline, to increase the biodiversity of species, to balance ecosystems and finally to enjoy the beauty of our landscapes and thus encourage the protection of our natural heritage.

Here is the list of butterflies

We organize outings to learn how to identify and appreciate butterflies and we sell a photo guide for Maritime and Southeastern Quebec butterflies.

Louis-Émile Cormier, a naturalist and volunteer for the group, started an initiative to save the Monarch butterfly. It’s an endangered species that migrates from Mexico to our part of the world. In Canada, it’s mostly loss of habitat that endangers the Monarch. We planted over 555 swamp milkweed plants, which is the only food the Monarch caterpillar eats. We have also given out over 3000 milkweed plants that were planted by enthusiastic citizens. Finally, we harvest swamp milkweed seeds and have given out over 200 packages with a description on how to prepare and plant them.

Video: (Short) life cycle of the Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly life cycle

Presentation on the Monarch butterfly by Rhéal Vienneau



The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group would like to thank Nature NB and the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund for their support in this project.

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