The GDDPC has a vision for Cocagne of a viable and sustainable community where one enjoys a good quality of life and where:
  • We can grow and flourish peacefully and in security;
  • One can be autonomous and have the capacity to choose;
  • The environment is in balance;
  • Resources are healthy and accessible;
  • The population is informed, responsible and involved.

Members participate in the community garden and various working committees aimed at food sovereignty. Community events provide the opportunity for self-reflection. Various projects such as Cocagne Country colors or natural burials allow us to use our knowledge of the past and present to prepare for the future.
For over 21 years the PCSDG has been involved in many projects within its community, including food security. Today, the mission of PCSDG to catalyze citizen engagement for the viability of communities has become more and more necessary in the food sector.

Contribute to the development of collective solidarity among the Communauté rurale de Cocagne’s citizens toward a natural, healthy and sustainable food autonomy.

The "Seeds for Life" project was launched in 2015 through a New Horizons for Seniors NB program grant from Service Canada. In order to find interested people in the region who save seeds or want to learn more on this subject, a newsletter including a survey was sent to +4,500 people.

The Heritage Gardens project’s purpose is to plant and maintain heritage gardens with the elderly and youth of the Cocagne river watershed. By stimulating the elderly’s involvement, we wish to allow an intergenerational exchange of knowledge on food security.

2009 - 2015
Transition Cocagne was a group of citizens that organising activities to increase local resilience to peak oil and climate change. Transition Cocagne is a member of the international Transition Towns Network [] . The Cocagne community was the first in the province of New Brunswick to become a member of the international Transition Towns Network. Our website at

The goal is to cultivate, responsibly harvest and transform natural dyes (for textile arts and cooking among other things) in the Cocagne watershed, in order to conserve age-old knowledge, transmit it to residents, and value knowledge bearers (elders and new generations). All the while, we aim to raise awareness as to the importance of local dye plants, their ongoing protection and their uses as alternatives to chemical dyes.

The Mi’kmaw-Acadian Friendship Pow Wow is a festive gathering that aims to build new sustainable cultural bridges between Acadian and Mi’kmaw communities in order to recognize and celebrate intercultural heritage and create a space for inclusive exchange while valuing the importance of a healthy environment for the coming generations.

Develop resilient communities by finding sustainable solutions to climate change in collaboration with the population of the Cocagne watershed.