Contribute to the development of collective solidarity among the Communauté rurale de Cocagne’s citizens toward a natural, healthy and sustainable food autonomy.

Vision Statement

“Contribute to the development of collective solidarity among the Communauté rurale de Cocagne’s citizens toward a natural, healthy and sustainable food autonomy.”

Collective Garden

In 2020, about 3400 lb of vegetables were produced in the collective section.

The collective garden’s vocation is community-based with the goal of distributing at least 70% of its harvest to the community.
We also provide potatoes, carrots, beans and squash to the Blanche-Bourgeois school during the school year. They also receive cucumbers, onions and garlic.

Over 800 volunteer hours were given to the community garden in 2020!

Food Distribution

When the pandemic hit and people were confined, we were worried about the youth who usually receive free meals at school and wanted to avoid wasting the food that was in the school and at the local restaurant.

Luckily, this food was distributed. We then contacted the school and obtained the contacts for some families who could be in need of food. In order to maintain these families’ confidentiality, we set up a simple procedure: only the couple distributing the food knows the addresses of the families in need. The families can then inform us of any other people who could need food. Through this method, we ended up helping 40 needy families, which represents 90 people.

At this time, we’re working on obtaining more funds from the organization Second Harvest to help families in need during the pandemic by supplying them with fresh fruit.

Solar Watering System and Energy

The Cocagne Community Garden is situated right in the middle of the community and is very visible which creates a great teaching tool. This is one of the reasons we wanted to prioritize renewable energies.

In 2020, a new well was dug at the top of the garden with a pressure of 12.5 gal. a minute, a pump was added and a structure for the new 2500-gallon reservoir was built.

On top of that, two new solar panels with two 24-volt batteries were installed to power the pump. We also installed solar panels at the shed to power some lights. A windmill will be installed soon so we can use power tools at the shed.

systeme arrosage solaire

Root cellar at the school

In order to have better access to fresh and local produce further into the year, we enhanced our vegetable storage. The new cellar at the Blanche-Bourgeois school is in a separate building which is accessible to us at all times.

It was started several years ago by a community agent at the school, but we had to completely clean the room, add insulation, a door and electricity for light. There are now 2 sections to the cellar: a) the insulated part kept at 0 or 1 degree C for carrots, turnips and potatoes and b) the large section which is kept at a maximum of 5 degrees for squash, canned beets, garlic and onions. The second section has been equipped with 2 freezers for beans, and heaters to prevent vegetables from freezing.

The cellar strengthens food security while enhancing access to local product year-round. We’re also building a larger community cellar at the Centre 50 which will also be powered by solar panels.

Fundraising Dinner

In 2020, despite health restrictions but in accordance with the protocols set out by Public Health NB, we organized a community dinner with vegetables from the collective part of the garden. 175 boiled dinners with salt pork, chow and beets, and a dessert of hot biscuit with strawberries were served for take-out or to eat in at the Centre 50 in Cocagne.

45 volunteers made this community dinner possible.

Thanks to this fundraising dinner, we were able to make a $1000 cheque to the Blanche-Bourgeois school’s program which provides meals to children in need.

souper benefice

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