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The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group's (PCSDG) mission is to engage citizen participation towards the sustainability of Cocagne watershed communities
202025a shuswap seed swap

January 13th, 2021

Cocagne/Grande-Digue - The GDDPC in collaboration with the "in Giadino" garden club hosts a seed exchange a little bit different this year. This is how we will proceed:

Échange de semences Seed swap

1-Gardeners who wish to participate will have to make little packages of the seeds they like to exchange.  

2-On the package, please put your name, name of seed, variety if applicable, and year of harvest.

3-If you have a special story about a seed, write a little comment on a separate sheet so we can share the story of the seeds with others!

4-Send us by mail or drop in between 9 and 3 at:


118 Cocagne Cross

P. O. 1035,

Cocagne, NB E4R 1N6

5- The deadline to receive your precious seeds at the GDDPC is February 28th, 2021!

6- We will do draws to be fair to everybody and send them for free by mail to recipients by the end of March 2021. It will be a surprise you can sow and maybe find some new favorite veggies or flowers!

We know it won’t be the same as usual; this exchange will keep us going and think of others who are getting theirs hands dirty!
Please contact us, if you have any questions (506) 576-8247 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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