Cocagne Climate Action is a project created to continue the Transition Cocagne movement and is part of Canada's movement to become carbon neutral by 2030 by implementing the Paris Climate Agreement to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees (signed on Earth Day 2016).

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0.6t of CO2 is the maximum annual GHG emissions a person should emit and in 2013, it was an average of 20.77t of CO2 per capita in New Brunswick. We can reduce its carbon footprint by 700kg per year if a family eats a vegetarian meal once a week. You can reduce your carbon footprint by 0.16t if you reduce your car travel by 10km per week. The goal of the project is to raise awareness, but also to educate the residents of the Cocagne watershed on the existing solutions to reduce their ecological to reduce their ecological footprint.

1. We have created a calendar (in French) with actions for the climate, one theme per month.

2. For Earth Day 2020, we organized the "Clean Up Your Yard" challenge and there were prizes for participants.

3. Several research studies were conducted on actions to decrease our GHG footprint in the areas of food, transportation, energy, biodiversity, waste and water. The research was used to create a positive awareness campaign on social media (YouTube and Facebook).

4. In order to engage and empower people in their ability to find solutions to global warming, we invited people to participate in various surveys. Here are some green tips: Use cardboard boxes as mulch around the plants. Use broken ceramic pots to create small shelters for crabs in the garden. Tie several old books together with string and tape to create a knife block.

5. Thanks to the testimonies of citizens, we have created this inspiring brochure that we launched for Earth Day 2021.

The full report, including research and survey results, can be found here (in French).