The Board of Directors is at the heart of the GDDPC as it makes sure the members’ decisions and the group’s philosophy are respected. These decisions are made by consensus.

What are the advantages of being part of the Board of Directors?

  • Having the satisfaction of contributing to the community;
  • Having the opportunity to work with people in various fields;
  • Acquiring decision-making skills;
  • Gaining a better understanding of group dynamics and relations.

Meetings are held once a month, including the Annual General Meeting and the Christmas potluck. We usually take a break during summer.

It’s thanks to volunteers on the Board of Directors that the GDDPC can ensure the sustainability of the communities in the Cocagne watershed.

Board members are :

  • Mélanie Madore, co-chair
  • Lise Rodrigue, co-chair
  • Adrien Léger, treasurer
  • Léopold Bourgeois, director
  • Bernadette Goguen, director
  • Monique Saulnier, director
  • Joseph LaBelle, director